5 Best Weed Killers 2021

We wholeheartedly agree that some weeds are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. But we call some plants “weeds” because they are growing somewhere they are not wanted. This makes their elimination desirable and starts a search for the best weed killers. You want them gone so other plants can thrive. Whether you have a vegetable garden that … Read more

5 Best Weed and Feed Products 2021

What is every gardener’s solution to a hungry lawn and garden that is being overrun by weeds? Yes, find and use the Best Weed and feed! This handy mixture of ingredients will allow you to safely attack pesky weeds growing in your lawn while providing the lawn, itself, with a healthy dose of fertilizer to … Read more

Best Weed Killers for Flower Beds 2021

It is not easy to find a good product that will rid your flowerbed of weeds without harming the actual ornamental plants and flowers. We know that you want the best weed killer for flower beds and will help you identify them. There are many products out there that don’t work. There are still plenty … Read more

Best Poison Ivy Killers 2021

Poison ivy can quickly turn a pleasant shaded garden into a nightmare. This plant is highly allergenic, causing itchy blistering rashes. It is not a plant you want in your yard or garden. Unfortunately, poison ivy isn’t always easy to get rid of. We are here to help you find the best poison ivy killer. … Read more

Crabgrass Killer Knowledgebase

You’ve noticed unattractive weedy-looking grass taking over your yard lately. The bad news is that you probably have crabgrass. This is a fast-growing invasive weed that will spread like wildfire through your yard if you don’t do something about it. The good news is that there are several options for nipping this problem in the … Read more

Best Dandelion Killers 2021

When you were little, the sight of dandelions probably filled you with joy. But now that you’re an adult seeing these nuisances sprouting up all over your yard likely has you seething with rage. Time to find the best dandelion killers to take care of these beautiful beasts. If these yellow weeds have you seeing … Read more