Zinnia – The Magic Flower

Do you have Zinnias in your garden? If you do, then you know what a wonderful plant this is. Colorful, fast-growing, and keeps on giving.

Zinnias are actually a member of the daisy family and there are literally 100s of cultivars of a variety of colors and shapes. They are almost always brightly colored and their magic is that the more you pick them, the faster they grow!

They will like a very sunny area, will drink lots of water, and like nutrient-rich soil. They are annuals, but many people find that because they grow so easily from seed, that they will actually reseed themselves making them work much like perennials. This is just more of their magic.

I highly suggest you buy some Zinnia seeds (Amazon Affiliate link for your convenience) in the late Winter or even small plants if you are late to the game. Clear a sunny area in your garden, and plant this magic flower. You will be amazed!

I grew up calling these “Cut and come again Zinnias” so I actually thought this was their name. Little did I realize that all the varieties love to be picked and will quickly grow more beautiful flowers. And you can take the cut flowers indoors to enjoy for a week or so there as well. Really an amazing plant.

They are definitely a warm-weather plant, so be careful to plant after the last possible frost. They are late bloomers so you could even plant them in the summer and they will flower after some other flowers are dying away.

Since there are so many cultivars of Zinnia, it is best to check with the seeds you are getting or just head down to your local hardware store to pick up some small plants.