Add Fire to your Backyard

Is there anything better than sitting around the backyard fire pit and solving the worlds problems with some of your best friends? I think not. The nice thing about adding a bit of “fire” to your backyard is that you have options. You can match your style and the feel of your neighborhood and yard. … Read more

Zinnia – The Magic Flower

Do you have Zinnias in your garden? If you do, then you know what a wonderful plant this is. Colorful, fast-growing, and keeps on giving. Zinnias are actually a member of the daisy family and there are literally 100s of cultivars of a variety of colors and shapes. They are almost always brightly colored and … Read more

What is wrong with this house?

When I looked at this house it really grabbed my attention. The photograph is very nicely done. The nice flat lighting at a low level allows the exterior and interior lights to nicely shine through. The wet walkway is inviting. The brick edging on the house home border garden is very nice. The green plants … Read more

Water bridges in your Garden

Running water opens up many possibilities for adding a whole new dimension to your garden. Water can add a sense of serenity that would be hard to achieve otherwise. Do you have an eye for the possibilities? Walk around your garden and close your eyes. Open your senses. Get yourself tuned into the expansiveness that … Read more

Your Garden Fence: Beauty Divided

We often want to have fences on our properties. They can serve many purposes. Often used to physically separate areas so that people, animals, or even plants know where they belong. But they are also used as part of a larger design. They could be a backdrop or just as a decorative element. Take a … Read more

Ivy is it Good or Bad

There are many types of ivy (genus: Hendera L.). For many, including me, ivy can induce an almost animal reaction, much like when you unexpectedly come across a snake while hiking. It is one tough cookie. Many others find it fascinating in how dramatic of a landscape it can create. The house or fence covered … Read more

Corded Electric Lawn Mowing is a Pain

Seems the time for corded electric mowers has come and gone. Battery mowers, or cordless mowers, are now price and function competitive with gas. With my continuing efforts to move away from fossil fuels and clean up my act, this year I bought an Electric Vehicle (EV). Also, ever since Ohio had free choice of … Read more

Fertilizer Spreader Knowledgebase

The best way to achieve a more luscious, green lawn or a more bountiful vegetable garden is with a little bit of fertilizer. We have examined the best fertilizer spreaders and describe their characteristics here. Whether you prefer to use granules, liquid fertilizer, or something that the barnyard animals created, you have many options in … Read more

Weed Eaters: What is in a name?

Some of you may not realize this, but “Weed Eater” is actually a brand that sells trimmers and not just a general term for them. And we are not talking about insect weed eaters. Just as many use the term “Band-Aid” when referring to a bandage, homeowners refer to trimmers as “Weed Eaters.” Just to … Read more

Mulch for Vegetable Gardens

You love having fresh, nutritious vegetables, but the thought of having to weed your garden makes you want to throw in the towel. Instead of giving up on your backyard produce, you should find the best mulch for vegetable garden purposes. Our guide will help you effortlessly weed out the undesirable mulches on the market. … Read more