Your Garden Fence: Beauty Divided

We often want to have fences on our properties. They can serve many purposes. Often used to physically separate areas so that people, animals, or even plants know where they belong. But they are also used as part of a larger design. They could be a backdrop or just as a decorative element.

Take a walk around your property. It is best to do this in reality, but if you are at the office just do it in your mind. Start from up the street and approach your yard. Ask yourself, what is the role of my fencing? What is its primary function? Perhaps it is to contain the dogs. Perhaps as a dividing line between properties or even design elements within your own yard.

Then walk completely around your house. Not how the landscape changes and how the fencing contributes to your goals. Is it working? Are there some small changes that could enhance your yard?

I am primarily a function over beauty can of person. So, I sometimes need to think, what will this look like to my mate. This opens up a world of possibilities for fencing. A fence that really serves no other purpose than to divide areas can be quite interesting in the yard.

Fences as Decoration or Background

Is the fence going to be the dramatic effect of the garden or could it just be a backdrop for some flowers or other design elements?

I generally like the more simple designs. Not overrun with plants or features. A nice plain weathered cedar fence can be a great backdrop for other elements.

And those elements do not have to be flowers. We have all seen beautiful flower beds and hopefully, we all have some that we are proud to show in the neighborhood. But are the flowers required? How about some static elements like rocks, stumps, or even some simple manufactured items like in the picture above. That frog is so cute!

A fence can also serve as a place to hang a basket or to install a bird feeder. Perhaps you’d like a vine-covered fence. Once you start thinking about a fence as more than a divider, the possibilities soar.

Color is another consideration. Are you going for the natural wood look? Perhaps the formal wrought iron? Often a white fence can be quite dramatic and really set off a flower bed or other growing plants.

Other Fence Considerations

In my spare time, I sometimes deliver food and packages. This brings me in contact with lots of front yard fences. You may want to take a look at your yard from the viewpoint of a delivery person.

These days of Amazon Primer nearly instantaneous delivery, Grub Hub and Uber Eats, and even the old standby pizza delivery makes our homes often visited to drop off “stuff”. What does your home look like to them?

If you have a fence preventing me as a delivery person from accessing your front door, I’m left wondering what to do. And if there is a “Beware of Dog” sign, I really start to wonder. I will call and text but those rarely go answered.

Should I drop the package outside the gate? Should I let myself in and hope Fido is either inside or actually friendly? Perhaps, I just need to return the package and mark it as undeliverable.

It is worth considering how your house looks to the delivery person and how you want to receive your “goods”.

Many people who want or need their front yard fenced off, will leave a delivery box on the outside with a sign indicating to leave packages there. This works very well. It is clear. The packages can be out of sight to potential thieves and can be protected from the weather.

Fence gates can also be left open. This shows that people are welcome to enter. Or even a sign that helps direct the delivery person.

Let’s have fences be for beauty and function rather than to divide us.