Hose Reels Knowledgebase

Since you’re in need of a reel to keep the hose safely off the ground and out of the way when you’re not using it, our guide has all of the info you’ll need in order to choose a great one. The garden shed usually fills with new goodies as each year passes. In the … Read more

Garden Hoses Knowledgebase

Hoses are an essential tool to any garden, but unfortunately, the hose isn’t the type of item that lasts for 10 years or more. If yours has, then you should consider yourself lucky and perhaps you already found the best garden hose. There are quite a few different manufacturers all claiming to sell you the … Read more

Trimmer Line Knowledgebase

Want to know the secret to a well-manicured yard? Use the best trimmer line! Believe it or not, the trimmer line plays a big role in how well and how easily you can get outdoor areas looking groomed and keeping them that way. It is tempting to think that all trimmer lines are the same, … Read more

Garden Tractors Knowledgebase

Finding the right garden tractor for mowing your yard can feel impossible. There are so many options out there and weighing them all seems like a part-time job. Take a look at what we found to be the best garden tractors. If you’re struggling in your search for the best garden tractor, this guide should … Read more

Lawn Sweepers Knowledgebase

If you’re as sick of raking leaves as we are, then perhaps a new lawn sweeper is in your near future. Lawn sweepers are truly time-saving and back-saving devices that make leaf pickup quick and painless, but we had a little trouble finding a good one when we set out searching and figured you might … Read more

Sprinkler Head Knowledgebase

When installing an irrigation system, you’ll want to be sure you select the best sprinkler heads for the job. The layout of your system will show each watering zone. Knowing the zones will help you to determine the type of sprinkler heads you need. Sprinkler heads come in various sizes, shapes, and spray patterns, and … Read more

Lawn Edgers Knowledgebase

Are the lines of your garden or property looking blurry or nondescript? A little lawn maintenance can give you the sharp, crisp edges that are the hallmark of a well-manicured lawn. But in order to get those clean lines, you’ll need the best lawn edger you can find. This article will teach you everything you … Read more

Fertilizers for Grass

Like our bodies, grass also needs food to thrive. Planting and watering grass simply isn’t enough to keep it healthy. A fertilizer is necessary for a lush and green lawn. While the process may be slightly time-consuming, it isn’t difficult. The reward of using the best fertilizer for grass is a beautiful lawn. It is … Read more

Pruning Shears Knowledgebase

When it comes to a cutting utensil like pruning shears, many shoppers will prioritize price over quality. This is exactly what manufacturers bank on! They want you to have to run out and buy a replacement pair! Well forget about all of the cheap, low-quality stuff; we want to show you the best pruning shears … Read more

Soils for Succulents: Our Thoughts

Succulents are among the easiest and most versatile plants you can add to your plant collection. They are perfect for an indoor or small outdoor garden, and they are low maintenance. Using the best soil for succulents, they can flourish for years. They key to success in growing succulents is understand their soil requirements. Succulents, … Read more