Sprinkler Head Knowledgebase

When installing an irrigation system, you’ll want to be sure you select the best sprinkler heads for the job. The layout of your system will show each watering zone. Knowing the zones will help you to determine the type of sprinkler heads you need.

Sprinkler heads come in various sizes, shapes, and spray patterns, and selecting the right ones for your system can be daunting. You needn’t worry. This guide will lead you down the right path to choosing sprinkler heads that will fit your budget and fulfill your watering needs.

Buying Information

Sprinkler heads within irrigation systems are an excellent way to customize your watering needs. It’s even possible to use more than one type of sprinkler head within one system. The key to choosing the best sprinkler heads is to understand the various types:

  • Rotary: These emit a spray of water in a circular motion; they work well for medium to large areas.
  • Pop-up: Hidden below ground, these will pop-up when activated and in use. This type of sprinkler head can work in any size area and do well in garden zones.
  • Fixed Spray: These produce a constant fan-shaped spray; use these for small areas, shrubs, or ground cover plants.
  • Gear-Driven: Typically, these heads have pattern options and run quietly and smoothly; they are best suited for medium to large areas.
  • Multiple Stream: This will produce thin, rotating streams; try this type on uneven ground, medium-sized areas, and ground cover.
  • Shrub: These are designed specifically for mounting above the foliage; they offer flexibility with spray patterns and work well over shrubs, gardens, and ground cover.

You’ll find that some sprinkler heads offer convenient features that allow you to customize your watering system further. Look for these features when shopping for the best sprinkler heads:

  • Wiper Seal: Preventing leaks and ensuring proper retraction for pop-up sprinkler heads is the function of this feature.
  • Spring Retraction: If you want to be sure your pop-up sprinklers automatically return to the ground once they complete a cycle, look for this.
  • Special Patterns: For small areas, ground cover, and soils that are slow to absorb, special patterns coupled with a micro spray head will be the best option.