Hose Reels Knowledgebase

Since you’re in need of a reel to keep the hose safely off the ground and out of the way when you’re not using it, our guide has all of the info you’ll need in order to choose a great one.

The garden shed usually fills with new goodies as each year passes. In the fall, you might add some decent rakes to help you stay ahead of the leaves and pine needles that conglomerate around the yard. In the spring, a durable pair of pruning shears joins the box and so does a nice new lawnmower.

So, now you need to do something about that garden hose that keeps tripping you up as you go about your yard work!

We highlight the best hose reel choices below and provide you with plenty of useful shopping tips that make choosing one a breeze.

How to Choose a Quality Hose Reel

Here are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration before you choose a reel.

  • Material. There are plenty of different options when it comes to reel materials, so as the king (or queen) of your garden, you’re going to have to decide which of these things is more important to you: durability or aesthetics?

Unfortunately, the best hose reel is usually a bit of an eyesore out in your garden, but it is stronger than an ox and will probably last much longer than the more attractive ones. But, if you are ready to spend more to get something that is strong and attractive, that is definitely possible as well.

We’ve included a mix for you in our list, but as a rule of thumb, this is a way to help you narrow down the choices.

  • Aluminum. Aluminum is both strong and lightweight, and if the manufacturer wants to ensure a happy client, they have also ensured that it is rustproof. These are the most durable choice and what we recommend.
  • Plastic. Plastic is the cheapest (and most unattractive!) choice out there. We do appreciate that it is easy to clean and it definitely gets the job done.
  • Wrought Iron. Wrought iron is quite heavy but it definitely adds a nice touch do your gardening décor.

Hose Reel Styles 

When it comes to the style of the hose reel, you basically have four options: wall mount, cabinet, wheeled, sit-on-the-ground reels. This last category (sit-on-the-ground), are like cabinets without walls and wheeled reels without the wheels. They very problematic and should be avoided. Garden hoses are heavy and thus the reel you want to put them in needs to be sturdy or you will be constantly fighting against it.

Below I have reviewed 3 nice garden hose reels in each of the other categories.

  • Wall Mount. One of the most important things to check before you purchase a wall mount reel is the mounting mechanism. What surfaces it can be mounted to? Will it be going on a brick wall? Siding? Wood? Always make sure that the mounting hardware included will accommodate the surface you need to attach it to, otherwise, you’ll need to head down to the nearest home improvement store and purchase separate parts.
  • Cabinet. Cabinets keep the hose out of sight and out of mind. These can be plastic or wrought iron and really span a spectrum of very basic to very ornate. If you select a nice looking cabinet, it can really clean up the look of your garden hose storage.
  • Wheeled. Wheeled hose reels are very convenient, but make sure that the unit is solid and won’t tip over easily. The wheels should be durable and that the body is made out of rustproof material. Generally, you’d be selecting a wheeled unit if you plan to move your hose from one point to another. This may even be to wheel it to your storage shed when not in use.