Lawn Edgers Knowledgebase

Are the lines of your garden or property looking blurry or nondescript? A little lawn maintenance can give you the sharp, crisp edges that are the hallmark of a well-manicured lawn. But in order to get those clean lines, you’ll need the best lawn edger you can find. This article will teach you everything you … Read more

Best Leaf Rakes 2021

We’re guessing that since you’re on the hunt for the best leaf rake, the ones you’ve used in the past have failed you miserably. Cheap materials, inefficient leaf pick up, short handles or rust problems: sound familiar? We’ve faced the same leaf rake problems a time or two ourselves, and in order to help you … Read more

Pruning Shears Knowledgebase

When it comes to a cutting utensil like pruning shears, many shoppers will prioritize price over quality. This is exactly what manufacturers bank on! They want you to have to run out and buy a replacement pair! Well forget about all of the cheap, low-quality stuff; we want to show you the best pruning shears … Read more