10 Best Soaker Hoses 2017

When there’s not enough rain, your garden can get thirsty and a good soaker hose will help you keep your plants and other foliage well-watered. Soaker hoses are ideal for keeping the garden well-watered as they release water slowly and evenly to make sure that everything gets all the water that it needs.

There are plenty of hoses on the market today that help you with gardening and they tend to come with different capabilities. This means choosing one is not always as straightforward as you might expect.

With so many hoses available, we have created this handy guide to help you choose the best soaker hose for your needs.

Top 10 Soaker Hoses Table

PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
1. Osmile Professional Series Soaker Hose - 100 Foot100 feet$$$$4.6
 2. Melnor Flat Soaker Hose25 feet$4.0
3. Gilmour Flat Weeper/Soaker House, 50 Foot50 feet$3.9
4. Miracle Gro MGSPA38075CC Premium Bulk Soaker Hose with EZ Connect Fittings 75 feet$3.9
5. Gardener's Supply Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose System50 feet$$$3.8
6. Dramm 17010 ColorStorm Premium 50 Foot Soaker Garden Hose50 feet$$$3.8
7. Raindrip 015005T 1/4-Inch by 50-Feet Porous Soaker Tubing50 feet$3.7
8. Apex 1030-25 Soil Soaking Hose, 25-Feet25 feet$3.7
9. Andrews 50-Foot 2 Tube Sprinkler Hose50 feet$3.2
10. Element ELSP38050 3/8-Inch by 50-Feet Soakerpro Hose50 feet$3.2

How to Choose the Right Soaker Hose

A common issue that faces gardeners is that some soaker hoses don’t disperse the water evenly along the length of the hose leading to some patches that are overly wet, and others that are dry. It is also important to be sure that the hose can be bent without creating kinks that limit the flow of water through the hose. Here are some key features you should look for:

  • Even Water Distribution. The best soaker hoses on the market are designed specifically with even dispersion of water in mind so you can be sure that the whole garden is evenly watered. This is perhaps the most important aspect to look for in a soaker hose.
  • Anti-kink Technology. Some of the best hoses on the market are made from materials that help to prevent kinks and tangling from occurring and these are among the most popular on the market.
  • Leak Resistant Attachments. When using hoses it is important to maintain a reasonable amount of water pressure if the hose is to be effective. This can mean ensuring that the hose it attached securely to the faucet and the best hoses come with attachments that fix securely to the faucet and prevent any leaks from occurring.
  • Length. The length of hose that you need is also an important consideration and you should make sure that the hose you select meets the minimum length you require, although it is possible to attach some hoses together in order to provide additional length if needed.

Budget and Warranty

Budget is nearly always a deciding factor when making purchases but many soaker hoses will meet your minimum requirements at an affordable price. A good warranty can also be very useful should something go wrong with your hose and could help determine which is the best soaker hose for you.

Top 3 Best Soaker Hose Reviews

1. Osmile Professional Series Soaker Hose

The Osmile professional series soaker hose is a hose that you can really rely on to get the whole garden thoroughly watered. The design ensures that enough pressure is maintained throughout the length of the hose so that all of it is used, whereas other designs may only be affective at shorter distances.

This hose will emit 1 gallon of water per hour per foot and users note just how evenly the water is distributed even toward the end of the hose. Its durable design also means that it is unlikely to burst so you can count on it to work well for long into the future.

Some owners have also noted the excellent customer service from the manufacturer in the unlikely event there should be a problem with this hose. If you have been looking for a soaker hose that you can count on to keep the whole garden well-watered, the Osmile professional series soaker hose could be the solution you have been looking for.

2. Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

To get to all parts of the garden, a flexible hose is needed and the Melnor Flat Soaker hose offers just that. This hose is available in 3 lengths of 25, 50 and 75 feet and can be connected with other hoses if needed.

The flat design of this hose helps to make it low profile when water is not running through it, meaning it is not an eyesore in the garden, while it is also easy to roll up and store away. Owners note that the distribution of water released is fairly consistent even at low pressure although leaks might occur if the water pressure is turned up too much.

With a 2 year warranty, you can be confident that this hose will last you well for a couple of years at least. If you are looking for a reliable soaker hose that is easily stored away then the Melnor flat soaker hose could be just what you have been looking for.

3. Gilmour Flat Weeper

Another hose that helps to release water evenly throughout its length, the Gilmour flat weeper/speaker hose is another popular choice on the market. Its clog free fabric covering helps to prevent the hose from the bombardment of UV light from the sun while also helping to prevent clogging for even distribution of water.

Some owners have complained that this hose is will burst under too much pressure, although many have suggested that placing a penny with a small hole drilled into it near the washer will help to regulate the flow and prevent bursting.

This hose comes with a 7 years warranty, helping to make for a purchase that represents good value for money, making it one of the best soaker hose products available. For a hose that distributes water evenly and offers protection against the elements, the Gilmour flat weeper/soaker hose could be all that you need.

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