Best Expandable Hoses 2021

You really can’t do much around the yard without a good garden hose. Yet, trying to drag around, or attempting to coil and put away a standard hose is a cumbersome task. Get the best expandable hose to solve your problems.

The expandable hose expands when in use to reach all corners of your yard or garden and then contracts for easy storage when you don’t need it.

There have been a lot of different expandable hoses to hit the market in recent years, and knowing which one is the best expandable hose for your outdoor needs is difficult. That is why we’ve put together this useful guide to help you find just the right expandable hose to help you with your outdoor chores.

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How Expandable Hoses Work

The reason that expandable hoses retract and expand so well is the way they are designed. Each hose has two distinct layers. The outer layer is a woven expandable fabric that protects the inner rubber or latex hose which expands in response to water pressure. When the water is turned on, the pressure causes the inner layer to expand. It expands on the inside until it is stopped by the outer fabric layer. Once fully expanded it is a long and more functional hose.

The result is a garden hose that is virtually kink proof. And since the inner rubber layer has self-sealing properties, most expandable hoses are also resistant to leaks, holes, and tears.

Hoses Under Pressure

While water pressure causes these hoses to expand and lengthen, there’s only so much pressure they can handle. The inner rubber layer of most expandable hoses isn’t designed to withstand water pressures above 200 psi.

The good news is that the water pressure of the average suburban household is usually less than 80 psi. So keep this in mind. Yes, this is even when the spigot is open full throttle. So you don’t really have to worry about exploding hoses. However, if you have water pressure that is extremely low, it’s going to cost you some hose length since the pressure will not be sufficient to fully expand the hose material.

Not All Hoses Are Created Equal

While the differences between expandable hoses tend to be rather small, you will want to pay particular attention to the construction of the couplings. This is the point at which cheap hoses fail. A good durable coupling, usually made of brass or some other metal material, will outlast and outperform a cheaper plastic coupling every time.

The popularity of expandable hoses is growing. Although, I still have not seen an expandable soaker hose. Hum…

Top 3 Best Expandable Hose Reviews

1. Smartdoo Garden Hose Spray Nozzle 

The Smartdoo Expandable Garden Hose can expand up to three times its original length. This hose is made of a durable outer material that is tough and resists corrosion and tearing. The inner layer can endure extreme temperatures without losing elasticity. The couplings are made from sturdy and attractive copper and are certain to last a long time even with frequent use.

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Included is a spray nozzle with nine different settings to meet all your watering needs. The settings are jet, soaker, angle, mist, center, full, flat, shower, and cone. Whether you plan to wash the dog or water your plants, this hose is perfect for the job.

This hose is everything you want in an expandable hose. It’s lightweight, even when water is running through it, flexible, and compact. It won’t kink up or tie in knots, and it is super easy to store when not in use. Try it and you’ll agree that this is the best expandable hose on the market today. ✔️ Let's get it NOW! 

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Starting out at only 25 feet in length, this hose expands to a full 75 feet when you turn on the water. Then, it returns to its original length when the water is off. It is designed to never, twist, tangle, or kink up. The compact and flexible design makes it easy to use and easy to store.

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The latex inner tubing is covered by a durable polyester fabric for protection. It is lightweight, durable, and expands almost instantly when you need to use it. You will be truly impressed with the convenience and functionality of the KRASR-Tech Flexible Expanding Water Hose. Whether you use it for washing your vehicle or watering your begonias, you won’t be disappointed. No products found.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Urgood Expandable Garden Hose is its premium quality. It is made with solid brass fittings that are nearly impossible to break. The double-layer natural latex core has a long lifespan and is resistant to high water pressure. The outer layer is a tough and durable weave that allows the hose to shrink up like an accordion when not in use.

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Perhaps the best feature of this expandable hose is the built-in brass shut-off valve. There is a convenient on/off switch near the end of the hose that will save you countless trips back and forth to the spigot.

The company’s 100 percent money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty ensures that you will enjoy the quality, durability, and convenience of this expandable hose. Use it to wash your dog, wash your windows, water the lawn, or spray down the kids for some playful summer fun. No products found.